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Since 1989 Hi-Med has been dedicated to offering state of the art quality performance medical equipment in a sincere effort to elevate the level of healthcare in Egypt, striving to offer the best medical care for patients and professionals alike.

Egypt is a country of 90 million, yet unfortunately our health care system is not mature and efficient enough to give patients the care they deserve. Through breakthrough technology we continuously fill the gap by offering products and services that make it easier for professionals as well as operators to get their jobs done more efficiently and with fewer mistakes. We are proud of our business ethics and strive to be a good model in our market attempting to improve the Healthcare sector in any way we can.

Hi-Med Egypt was founded in 1989 under the patriotism of Dr. Hany El-Shafei. We represent numerous manufacturers from all around the world. We take care of marketing, sales, training, after sales service and maintenance of the products we provide. We specialize in the critical care area of ICU, PICU, NICU, BR, RR, ER and home care.

We were the first to offer high frequency oscillation ventilators in Egypt, thefirst to offer oxygen concentrators, finger clip pulse oximeters, CPAP, NCPAP,super LED phototherapy, ventilation automation and home care service.

30+ Years Of Experience

Hi-Med is proud to be first in adopting the QMS Quality Management System
and as a result Hi-Med was granted ISO 9001


Recently Hi-Med management has decided to invest money and time to reform the company system and management style to cope with the development of the international economic conditions, in addition to the dramatic change in the Egyptian market in general and specifically the medical sector.

Since Hi-Med Egypt is known for its quality after sales services, we are most determined to exert every possible effort in maintaining the top position concerning these services. Moreover we have high caliber staff enabling us to handle even the most sophisticated Medical Equipment providing marketing, sales and after sales service.

Hi-Med Egypt‘s headquarter is located in the strategic city of Heliopolis-Cairo, where as we have branch located in Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt. These branches are carefully chosen to serve our major clients. Furthermore, the agent’s network is mainly established to target the private sector and clients located in remote areas. Hi-Med’s staff exceeds fifty of the best caliber of marketing and sales in addition to the after sales and maintenance personnel among the other usual service departments.